Venus Factor Review

The Internet is ripe with diets, many of which are so-called dieting fads and a waste of money. The Venus Factor review site delves into the heart of this diet to help consumers make a conscientious choice about paying for this diet. Typically, the diet costs $78 for package #1 and an additional $16.95 for package #2. According to the website the Venus Factor diet is currently being offered for $47.

Once the dieting program is purchased and downloaded, it can be used repeatedly. This is good news for many, especially those that are trying to lose a large amount of weight. This diet focuses on losing belly fat and claims users can lose nine pounds in eleven days. The diet follows a 14-day cycle where users eat planned meals for eleven days followed by three days of dieting. A meal plan generator is included which plans eleven days of meals, four meals are eaten per day.

Once the 14-day cycle has been completed, users can opt to follow another cycle and so on for as many times as they wish. The fact that the meal plan generator can be used over and over makes this a good deal for some. However, with everything good, there must be some bad.

Most people that use this diet, which is based solely on calorie shifting, do lose weight at first. Since everyone is different and has a different body type, not everyone should expect to lose nine pounds in the first eleven days. Some lose more when they incorporate exercise into the program and many lose a little less. The problem is, when a person stops shifting calories and goes off the Fat Loss diet, the weight comes back on. This happens because on average, people go back to eating the same amount of calories they did before following the diet program.

Another upside to this diet, liked by many people, is the fact that users can eat four meals a day. Users do not count any calories. Instead, they are told to eat until they are satisfied. This type of diet requires control by the user and the ability to stop eating when full. The downside is this diet gets boring after a while. This makes it difficult for some to stay on the diet long and repeat cycles until they have reached their ideal body weight. Again, self-control is a major factor.

Users must be able to stick to a plan to successfully lose weight. This has proven to be a challenge for many. On the other hand, users have their meals planned for them. In addition, users looking to build muscle should not expect to do so with this diet. There is no exercise involved.